Stop Overwhelming Shoppers!

Guide Them with Shopify Landing & Custom Category Pages

Create a seamless path to purchase with targeted landing pages and informative collection pages.

Why Landing & Category Pages?

The Power of Targeted Shopify Landing Pages & Category Pages

  • Enhanced User Experience: Guide customers smoothly through the purchase journey with clear information and navigation.
  • Increased Conversions: Focused landing pages drive specific actions, while well-structured category pages convert browsers into buyers.
  • Improved Customer Education: Category pages provide valuable information and educate buyers about your products and brand.
  • Campaign-Specific Goals: Create targeted landing pages for marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • SEO Benefits: Category pages optimised with relevant keywords can lead to higher organic traffic.

Ready to Transform Your Online Sales?

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Our Landing & Category Page Expertise

Expert Shopify Landing & Category Page Design for Your Success

  • Compelling Copywriting: Persuasive text that speaks to your target audience’s needs, both on landing pages and within category descriptions.
  • High-Impact Visual Design: Eye-catching layouts, graphics, and imagery used strategically across landing and category pages.
  • Conversion-Focused Strategies: Best practices to drive action and reduce friction on both landing pages and category pages (clear calls to action, intuitive navigation, etc.).
  • Shopify Integration: Seamless connection to your store’s backend for easy product display and checkout functionality.
  • Information Architecture: Creating clear and user-friendly category structures for efficient product browsing.

Types of Landing Pages We Design

Custom Landing & Category Pages for Your Unique Goals

  • Product launch pages

  • Promotional offer pages

  • Category landing pages:
    • Focused on specific product categories or collections
    • Educational content to inform customers about product types and benefits
    • High-quality product imagery and clear filtering options

Crafting a User Journey

A Seamless Path to Purchase: Crafting the User Journey

  • We don’t just design individual pages, we create a cohesive user journey.

  • Landing pages act as targeted entry points, while category pages guide customers towards informed purchase decisions.

  • Our approach considers user intent, product information hierarchy, and clear calls to action throughout the shopping experience.