Customer Story

Driving Category Sales with Compelling Landing Pages

Strategic landing page design boosts product discovery and conversions for a multi-brand fashion retailer.

About the Company

A mid-sized online fashion retailer offering a wide variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories from popular and emerging brands. They cater to a young, trend-conscious audience.

The Challenge

The company’s category pages were cluttered and uninspiring, resembling a simple grid of products with minimal filtering and sorting options. This made it difficult for shoppers to discover new items, compare products, and find exactly what they were looking for, leading to high bounce rates and missed sales opportunities.

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How We Helped

We designed engaging and visually appealing category landing pages that acted as mini-stores within the website. These pages featured curated product selections, highlighted key brands, incorporated lifestyle imagery, and offered advanced filtering options. We also included compelling editorial content like trend guides and styling tips to inspire shoppers.

The Results

The redesigned category landing pages led to a significant increase in time-on-site, a 20% boost in average order value, and an overall improvement in category-specific conversion rates. Shoppers found it easier to discover what they wanted, leading to more informed purchases and a stronger connection with featured brands.