Customer Story

Streamlining Operations with Advanced Inventory Management Integration

Custom integration between Shopify and external warehouse system empowers a rapidly scaling e-commerce retailer.

About the Company

A rapidly growing e-commerce retailer specialising in outdoor gear and adventure apparel. With a growing product catalogue and expanding customer base, their existing inventory management processes were becoming increasingly complex.

The Challenge

The company used a separate, robust warehouse management system (WMS) to track inventory across multiple locations. However, their Shopify store was not synced with this system, leading to stock inaccuracies, overselling, fulfillment delays, and a frustrating customer experience. Manually updating inventory levels between the two systems was time-consuming and prone to errors. They needed a solution to ensure real-time inventory visibility and streamline order fulfillment.

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How We Helped

We developed a custom integration between their Shopify store and the external WMS. This involved building an API connection that allowed for bi-directional data flow. Inventory levels in the WMS were automatically reflected on the Shopify storefront, preventing overselling. When orders were placed on Shopify, they were seamlessly transferred to the WMS for efficient picking, packing, and shipping. We also implemented automatic updates to order statuses and tracking information between the two systems.

The Results

The integration transformed their inventory management, leading to significantly improved accuracy and operational efficiency. Their Shopify store always displayed up-to-date stock levels, eliminating overselling issues and reducing customer frustration. Order fulfillment was streamlined, with automated processes leading to faster shipping times and happier customers. The company saved valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on growth and expansion rather than manual data reconciliation.