Customer Story

Streamlining E-commerce with a Magento to Shopify Migration

A growing UK brand finds flexibility, cost savings, and a modern aesthetic by switching from Magento to Shopify.

About the Company

A medium-sized UK-based e-commerce brand specialising in electronics and tech accessories. They had experienced steady growth, but the technical complexities and outdated design limitations of their Magento platform were becoming a barrier to further expansion.

The Challenge

Their Magento site suffered from frequent performance issues, particularly during peak sales periods. Every customisation, however small, required costly developer involvement. The design felt dated and difficult to update, hindering their ability to create a modern, engaging shopping experience. The ongoing burden of PCI compliance, security patches, and server maintenance took significant time and resources away from their core business. Additionally, the lack of a streamlined checkout process like Shopify’s Shop Pay was hindering conversions.

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How We Helped

We oversaw a strategic migration from Magento to Shopify. We meticulously planned the data migration and selected a Shopify theme that aligned with their brand identity, ensuring a fresh, contemporary look. We integrated essential apps, focusing on ease of use and transparent pricing. Thorough testing was conducted to ensure a smooth transition.

The Results

The move to Shopify provided immediate relief. Their website became noticeably faster, improving the customer experience and boosting search engine rankings. Shopify’s intuitive interface and flexible design tools allowed them to control the look and feel of their store without extensive developer support. They saved significant development costs, and Shopify’s handling of PCI compliance and security freed up resources to focus on business growth. The availability of a streamlined checkout option like Shop Pay also contributed to increased conversions.


Key Pain Points for UK Businesses Using Magento:

  • Performance Issues: Magento sites often struggle with speed, especially during high traffic, leading to lost sales and poor customer experience.

  • Customisation Challenges: Even minor changes require developers, leading to slow updates and higher costs.

  • PCI Compliance: The burden of maintaining PCI compliance adds time, complexity, and costs.

  • Security & Maintenance: Keeping up with Magento updates and security patches drains resources and can leave sites vulnerable.

  • Checkout Experience: Lack of a streamlined, frictionless checkout like Shop Pay can negatively impact conversion rates.