Customer Story

Scaling Paid Acquisition with Data-Driven Google Ads Optimisation

In-depth Google Ads analysis and strategic refinement fuels growth for an expanding e-commerce brand.

About the Company

A mid-sized e-commerce retailer based in the UK, specialising in home fitness equipment. They had grown their customer base in recent years and were looking to further scale their online sales.

The Challenge

The company was already running Google Ads campaigns but saw inconsistent results. Their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) was higher than desired, and they struggled to identify the most effective keywords, ad formats, and targeting strategies. 

Additionally, they lacked a clear understanding of how their Google Ads performance impacted their overall sales and profitability.

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How Vault Helped

We conducted a comprehensive audit of their existing Google Ads account, analysing campaign structure, targeting options, ad copy, and historical performance data. We identified areas for improvement, including underperforming keywords, inefficient bidding strategies, and missed opportunities for ad extensions. 

Using this data-driven analysis, we restructured their campaigns, refined targeting, and developed more compelling ad creative. We also implemented advanced tracking to measure the true impact of their Google Ads investment on bottom-line results.

The Results

The optimised Google Ads campaigns significantly decreased their CPA, driving more qualified traffic to their website at a lower cost. They saw an increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) and a measurable boost in sales attributed to their Google Ads efforts. 

The improved tracking provided valuable insights into customer behaviour, allowing them to make informed decisions about their overall marketing strategies.