Customer Story

Scaling E-commerce with a Shopify Plus Migration

A high-growth UK homeware brand unlocks advanced features and scalability with a seamless Shopify Plus upgrade.

About the Company

A rapidly growing UK-based homeware brand specialising in modern and functional home décor. Their focus on quality, sustainability, and design resonated with a growing customer base.

The Challenge

Their existing e-commerce platform was struggling to keep up with their increased traffic and complex operational needs. They needed a more robust solution to support their ambitious growth plans. Limitations with customisation, marketing automation, and complex product configurations were hindering their ability to offer a seamless customer experience.

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How Vault Helped

We oversaw a strategic migration to Shopify Plus. This involved careful data migration, a customised theme to elevate their brand aesthetic, and the integration of essential apps tailored to their scaling business. We leveraged Shopify Plus features like Shopify Flow for workflow automation, dedicated launch manager support, and the ability to create complex product options with variants.

The Results

The move to Shopify Plus provided the robust platform they needed to continue their rapid scaling. They gained greater flexibility to customise their store, implement advanced marketing strategies, and seamlessly manage products with multiple variations (size, colour, material). Shopify Plus’ enhanced speed and scalability ensured their website could handle peak traffic periods and support their ambitious growth plans.