Customer Story

Revitalising a Struggling Shopify Store

Comprehensive Shopify audit and optimisation brings a furniture retailer back on track.

About the Company

A mid-sized online furniture retailer offering a selection of modern and contemporary pieces for the home. They were known for their design-forward aesthetic but had seen declining sales in recent months.

The Challenge

Despite having attractive products, the company’s Shopify website was hindering their success. Confusing navigation, poor product images, and a clunky checkout process were frustrating customers and leading to high cart abandonment rates. Additionally, their site was not optimised for mobile devices, alienating a large portion of their audience.

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How We Helped

We conducted a full-scale Shopify audit, pinpointing critical issues across user experience, product presentation, and conversion pathways. We implemented a series of optimisations including: streamlined navigation, improved product page layouts with high-quality visuals, checkout flow simplification, and thorough mobile responsiveness testing.

The Results

The website’s transformation resulted in a significant decrease in cart abandonment rates, a 15% increase in overall sales, and a surge in customer satisfaction. The optimised mobile experience led to increased traffic and conversions from smartphone and tablet users.