Customer Story

Powering Unique Selling Points with Custom Shopify Development

Bespoke Shopify functionality transforms a niche t-shirt brand’s online presence.

About the Company

A small, independent apparel brand specialising in custom-printed t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. Their unique selling point was a user-friendly design tool allowing customers to personalise their products.

The Challenge

Their existing Shopify site used a third-party customisation app that was clunky, limited in features, and negatively impacting site performance. The app did not fully integrate with their inventory and order management systems, leading to fulfillment delays and frustrated customers. Additionally, the app’s design clashed with their brand aesthetic.

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How We Helped

We developed a bespoke Shopify customisation solution that seamlessly integrated with their website’s design and backend systems. The new tool was intuitive for customers to use, offered a wider range of design options, and provided real-time previews. We also streamlined the integration with their inventory and order management, ensuring accurate stock levels and a smooth fulfillment process.

The Results

The custom solution significantly improved the overall customer experience, with shoppers spending more time engaging with the design tool. This led to a 20% increase in average order value and a decrease in customer support inquiries related to the customisation process. The seamless integration with the backend systems improved operational efficiency and reduced order fulfillment errors.