Customer Story

Powering Growth with a Shopify Plus Migration

A seamless transition from BigCommerce to Shopify empowers a fashion brand to scale effortlessly.

About the Company

A rapidly growing fashion label with a loyal customer base and expanding product lines. Their apparel was known for its trendy designs, commitment to quality, and a focus on sustainability.

The Challenge

Their existing BigCommerce platform was hindering their growth ambitions. They found it difficult to customise the store’s look and feel, faced limitations with integrations, and struggled to provide the seamless, personalised experiences their customers desired.

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How We Helped

We oversaw a smooth migration to Shopify, meticulously transferring all data, customising the platform to their unique requirements, and integrating essential third-party apps for inventory management, shipping, customer loyalty program, and advanced analytics.

The Results

The transition to Shopify provided a robust, scalable platform that could grow alongside their business. They gained greater flexibility to design an on-brand shopping experience, leverage powerful merchandising tools, and offer a superior customer experience. This translated into increased sales, customer loyalty, and improved operational efficiency.