Customer Story

Streamlining Sales for a Burgeoning Candle Company

Custom Shopify theme design enhances brand experience and simplifies purchase journeys.

About the Company

A small, independently-owned candle company with a beautiful product line and a growing online presence. Their hand-poured candles featured unique scents and elegant packaging, attracting a discerning clientele.

The Challenge

While their products were well-received, their existing Shopify website used a basic template that didn’t reflect their brand’s elegance and premium positioning. Customers found the navigation confusing, product images were not displayed to their full potential, and the overall experience lacked the sophistication that would align with their high-quality offerings.

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How We Helped

We created a bespoke Shopify theme tailored to their aesthetic, emphasising clean lines, high-resolution photography, and subtle animations to enhance the luxurious feel. Navigation was simplified, with a focus on intuitive product discovery. We integrated elements like scent descriptions and customer testimonials to create a more compelling and immersive shopping experience.

The Results

The website’s transformation resulted in a 15% increase in conversion rate and a surge in positive customer feedback. The elevated brand experience led to increased customer trust, longer on-site browsing times, and a significant improvement in their online reputation.