Customer Story

Expanding Reach with Amazon Ads Domination

A targeted Amazon Ads strategy unlocks new audiences and boosts sales for niche home decor brand.

About the Company

A mid-sized home décor business specialising in unique and stylish accessories. They offered a thoughtfully curated collection of vases, planters, decorative objects, and artisanal home goods that appealed to design-conscious shoppers.

The Challenge

Despite their strong product appeal, their presence on Amazon was limited. They struggled to stand out in a crowded marketplace filled with similar home décor items. Their existing Amazon Ads campaigns were underperforming, with high costs and limited returns.

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How We Helped

We conducted in-depth keyword research, identifying high-potential search terms and niche opportunities within their category. We developed a comprehensive Amazon Ads strategy, including sponsored products, sponsored brands, and display campaigns. Our team meticulously managed bids, budgets, and ad placements, continuously optimising for maximum visibility and return on investment.

The Results

The optimised strategy led to a 25% increase in Amazon sales and a significant improvement in product ranking. The company saw a surge in brand awareness, successfully reaching a wider audience within their target market and establishing themselves as a leading player within their niche.