Customer Story

Empowering a Small Artisan Brand with a Beautiful Shopify Store

A solo entrepreneur launches a successful online presence with Shopify’s intuitive platform and our design service

About the Company

Jane Thompson Jewellery, a brand created by a solo entrepreneur specialising in handcrafted jewellery with a focus on unique designs and ethically sourced materials.

The Challenge

Jane had limited e-commerce experience and wanted a professional online store that reflected her brand’s artistry and wouldn’t feel like a generic template. She needed a visually striking store that highlighted her unique jewellery pieces.

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How We Helped

We guided Jane through the Shopify setup process, starting with a premium theme as a base. We then implemented customisation to enhance the design, tailoring it to her brand’s aesthetic. This included adjustments to the layout, colour scheme, and typography. We integrated a select few apps for core functionalities like shipping and payment processing, ensuring seamless integration with the custom design. We provided clear instructions and support to empower her to manage her store independently.

The Results

Jane launched a beautiful and functional online store that truly stood out. The customised design elements showcased her jewellery in the best light, creating a unique and memorable shopping experience. Shopify’s intuitive interface still allowed for easy management, but the bespoke design attracted a loyal customer base and drove sales.