Customer Story

Driving Profitable Growth with Strategic Amazon Ads Optimisation

Data-driven Amazon Ads refinement boosts visibility and ROI for a mid-sized e-commerce retailer.

About the Company

A mid-sized e-commerce retailer specialising in outdoor sporting goods and equipment. They offer a mix of established brands and their own private-label products.

The Challenge

Their Amazon Ads campaigns were running but lacked a clear strategy. Their cost-per-click (CPC) was high, and they were unsure which campaigns, keywords, and product listings were driving the most profitable sales. They needed a more structured approach to maximise their Amazon advertising investment.

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How Vault Helped

We conducted an in-depth audit of their existing Amazon Ads campaigns, analysing historical data, search term reports, and competitor listings. We identified underperforming campaigns, inefficient keywords, and opportunities for negative keyword targeting. We refined ad copy to better highlight product benefits and target relevant search terms. Additionally, we optimised product listings for relevant keywords and high-quality visuals.

The Results

The optimised Amazon Ads campaigns led to a significant decrease in CPC and an improvement in their advertising cost of sale (ACoS). The refined targeting resulted in higher visibility for their most profitable products. They saw an overall increase in sales attributed to Amazon advertising and a measurable improvement in their bottom line.