Customer Story

Automating Workflows with Custom Shopify Integrations

Bespoke integration between Shopify and internal systems unlocks efficiency for a wholesale and retail brand.

About the Company

A medium-sized UK brand with both a wholesale and direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce presence. They offer a curated selection of homeware, lifestyle goods, and gifts.

The Challenge

Managing separate wholesale and retail channels was creating friction. Manually syncing inventory between their Shopify store and their wholesale ordering system was time-consuming and prone to errors. Order fulfillment required toggling between different platforms, leading to delays and a disjointed process. They lacked real-time visibility into stock levels across both sales channels.

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How We Helped

We developed a custom integration between their Shopify store, wholesale ordering system, and their warehouse management software. This integration allowed for seamless, bi-directional data flow. Inventory levels automatically updated between platforms, preventing stockouts and overselling. Wholesale orders placed through their portal were immediately reflected within Shopify, streamlining their fulfillment process.

The Results

The custom integration significantly improved operational efficiency. Real-time stock visibility across sales channels improved decision-making and reduced costly errors. The automated order flow improved order processing times and reduced manual data entry, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic tasks. The overall improvement to their workflows led to enhanced customer satisfaction for both their wholesale and retail customers.