Channel Advisor to Magento Integration

Put simply, we make Channel Advisor and Magento seamlessly talk to each other and we are Channel Advisor’s preferred choice Magento integrator.

Created with retailers in mind our tried and tested Magento to Channel Advisor connector and configuration service provides a tight, robust and reliable integration for products, orders stock and more.



Stock Numbers Sync

Keep your Channel Advisor Stock Numbers in Sync with your Magento website

  • Never oversell again due to website or ebay and amazon marketplaces orders causing stock problems
  • Make sure stock numbers across Channel Advisor and your Magento ecommerce sites are in sync.

Order Sync

Near Real-Time Channel Advisor Orders import into Magento or Magento order into Channel Advisor

  • All Marketplaces orders loaded into Magento or Channel Advisor every 15 mins
  • Magento native extension
  • Makes fulfillment more efficient with all orders in one system.
  • Considers Amazon FBA orders and can decrement or leave quantity

Order Status and Tracking

Keep your Channel Advisor system updated when orders dispatched from Magento

  • Pass shipping status back to Channel Advisor or Magento when orders are shipped.
  • Make sure tracking numbers are in both systems.

Product Data and Prices Sync

Create and keep your marketplaces data in sync with your Magento information

  • Product data can be automatically sent to Channel Advisor
  • Create Channel Advisor inventory on the fly, including images and all relavant data needed for marketplaces.

Multiple Site / Multi Lingual Enabled

Keep your Channel Advisor Stock Numbers in Sync with your Magnento website

  • Multiple Magento Store View and Multiple Channel Advisor Posting Account Support
  • Multi-lingual and Full Multi Channel support
  • Manage pooled stock quantities

Get in touch today to discuss how Web Legs integration services can help you to fully realise the potential of properly integrating your Magento System with Channel Advisor.