eBay Template Designs

As well as the custom design and development of Standard, Pro and Custom e-Commerce stores on the Channel Advisor platform, as a preferred Channel Advisor partner, Web Legs also offers eBay template designs that utilise the features and functionality of the Channel Advisor software on an eBay platform.

Align your brand with an internationally recognised platform

E-Commerce businesses of all sizes can realise potential profitability by aligning with a multi-marketplace service provider to automate and integrate all back-office functionality. In order that you can maximise strategic cross-market merchandising opportunities – ensuring that inventory, tracking and supply chain logistics are not unnecessarily duplicated – Web Legs offers template designs that will seamlessly co-ordinate all aspects of your eBay storefront operation.

Highly suited to a stand-out eBay shop design, Channel Advisor is the perfect solution for multi-channel e-Commerce business; whether you already have an operational e-Commerce storefront and wish to match all brand signifiers with an eBay store design, or if you’re totally new to eBay trading and need a package that can expand alongside your business model, then a Web Legs template design can help.

Build brand credibility through a high quality store

One of the biggest advantages to using the eBay platform is that you are offered the opportunity to build your own brand identity. Using the inherent benefits of trading from the biggest e-Commerce platform in the world, individual brand credibility and perceived trustworthiness can be built by association.

And one of the biggest advantages to using a Channel Advisor template design is that the inherent functionality of the software allows online retailers to more effectively optimise merchandising, effectively integrate any existent back-office systems – or launch an ERP of modular compatibility – as well as streamlining multi-channel operations.

Stand out from the crowd

Channel Advisor design features functionality that facilitates automation, and intuitive product optimisation by leveraging a single source inventory feed. In this way it is possible to more efficiently list products, advertise promotions, organise marketing campaigns and increase sales opportunities, as well as seamlessly integrating back-office operations to provide a much more reliable and attractive service which can only serve to improve and encourage customer retention.

eBay Template Designs and Functionality

Design consistency in storefront and product pages – also known as listings pages – is vital for presenting a cohesive brand identity. Customers will be visually reassured by the quality of a store’s service delivery, and brand perception will only benefit by such professional presentation.

Indeed, with the integrated cross marketing tools and the dynamic navigation capabilities of our designs, the potential revenue increase through greater buyer confidence and brand awareness can be astounding.


  • Full shop integration
  • Match existing company colours
  • Dynamic store categories
  • Setup Cross-Promotions
  • Home Page setup
  • Matching Template – Business
  • Dynamic Store Categories
  • Promotion banner slider software
  • Drop down mega menus
  • Dynamic Brand Scroller
  • Dynamic Best Sellers
  • Seller Logo Design
  • Consistent Category Pages
  • Custom Store Pages
  • About Me page Customization
  • Custom Search box
  • 100% Bespoke Design
  • Header Design
  • Footer Design
  • Custom page layout
  • Dynamic Rotating Banners
  • Promotion boxes customization
  • Store pages customization
  • Custom promotion boxes
  • Smartphone Friendly
  • eBay SEO Friendly
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Browser Compatibility

Technical Configuration & Inventory Development

  • Cross promotional capabilities
  • Automated inventory update supply chain integration
  • Feedback management and system integration

Channel Advisor was created with the aim of enabling online retailers and e-Commerce businesses to effectively optimise and integrate merchandising opportunities across multiple online channels making it the perfect partner for an eBay Template.

If you would like to discuss how Web Legs can combine both platforms in order to maximise your visibility and brand identity on eBay, Get in touch.