eBay Shop Design

Why does your business need a professional eBay Store and Listing?

Make sure you stand out from your competitors on ebay with a professional ebay shop deisgn and ebay listing template from Web Legs.  Do you already have an existing eCommerce store and want to match branding with your eBay store? Are you new to trading on eBay and understand the importance of a professional eBay store design, or if you’d like a matching eCommerce site and an eBay shop we can help.

A Professional eBay presence can increases sales on average by 25%

Typically eBay store owners who also have a professional listing template enjoy an increase of sales up to 25% by having an eBay store designs professionally. A store design and eBay listing template make your business credible and trustworthy helping buyers feel more comfortable buying from you.

Let the biggest eCommerce platform help build your brand

One of the biggest advantages of eBay that Amazon don’t offer is the ability to build your own brand at the same time as selling.  eBay store designs and listing that co-brand with existing eCommerce sites, large businesses that want more brand exposure and start-ups that want to start their brands on eBay benefit.  Grab this opportunity with both hands and build your brand on the biggest eCommerce platform in the world with a high quality eBay design for your storefront and products.

ebay shop design example

eBay Design Features and Functionality

  • Full shop integration
  • Match existing company colors
  • Dynamic store categories
  • Setup Cross-Promotions
  • Home Page setup
  • Matching Template – Business
  • Dynamic Store Categories

  • Promotion banner slider software
  • Drop down mega menus
  • Dynamic Brand Scroller
  • Dynamic Best Sellers
  • Seller Logo Design
  • Consistent Category Pages
  • Custom Store Pages

  • About Me page Customization
  • Custom Search box
  • 100% Bespoke Design
  • Header Design
  • Footer Design
  • Custom page layout
  • Dynamic Rotating Banners

  • Promotion boxes customization
  • Store pages customization
  • Custom promotion boxes
  • Smartphone Friendly
  • eBay SEO Friendly
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Browser Compatibility

Advanced unique features – stay ahead of the competition

Dynamic Standard eBay Shop Categories

Our eBay designs automatically sync with your ebay store CMS. Any categories made in your store will reflect in our designs. If products are no longer available for sale and the category is empty, our design will dynamically change so that your potential customer are not sent to empty pages. eBay store category names show on the left hand side of the navigation. If you are interested in drop down / mega menu dynamic categories we also provide that option too.
eBay Dynamic store categories

eBay Store User Changeable Homepage Banners

We understand that promotions come and go and reaction to a promotion needs to slick. We have developed and provide software to manage your promotional banners on the eBay Storefront. A user friendly editor allows you to upload new banners and assign easy ebay category or product hyperlinks.
eBay changeable promotional banner

Dynamic Mega Menu eBay Shop Categories

It is widely known that mega menu categories options work best for a customer and give them category options that take them to exactly where they want to navigate with fewer clicks. This will typically lead to a much higher conversion rate and aids more products to be bought as visitors navigate through your eBay Store. If you add new categories they are dynamically created in the mega menu automatically. The multi-column mega menu is available with our premium and custom eBay design service.
ebay vertical menu design

eBay custom products arrow slider

We understand the latest ways for customers to navigate for products on the web, and we have brought this to eBay store designs with our products arrow slider. Customers are able to use the left and right arrows to quickly see your latest ebay or best sellers. The product slider allows you to maximise eBay web space and provide a great user experience to your customers.
ebay store design product arrow slider

eBay Shop Design and Template Pricing

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