API Integrations

API Integrations

Web Legs offers seamless integration services for a variety of platforms to ensure that your back-office systems operate across your entire network, guaranteeing full functionality and optimal performance behaviour.

We have an innate appreciation of the demands of your business and specialise in providing intuitively functional solutions to all of your practical requirements. Allowing a complete automation of your workflow, we aim to simplify and speed up all operational and administrative processes by integrating your e-Commerce applications and enabling you to leverage Channel Advisor for the optimal functionality of order and process management across all of your e-Commerce channels.

By fully integrating any enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or e-Commerce cart, Web Legs can not only increase the real-time value of all modular constructs, but we can also expand the parameters to fully optimise the flexibility of supply chain and sales operational enhancers.

With the additional speed afforded by full integration the need for synchronisation is removed as all data systems and assessable information will be available seamlessly and in a fully integrated format that amplifies operational resources.

In short, by integrating all of the systems that provide functionality to your various networks, Web Legs can provide a more streamlined, cost effective and time rich operational structure so that your back-office operational performance is maximised. Our data and systems integration packages cover all well-known e-Commerce carts, open source ERP systems and proprietary ERP systems including:

  • Channel Advisor
  • Dydacomp (Mail Order Manager)
  • EPOS
  • JD Edwards
  • Magento
  • SAP
  • Prolog

As well as:

  • 3rd Party Logistics providers
  • Wholesale / Supplier systems

If you don’t see your e-Commerce cart or ERP system listed please¬†Get in touch¬†as Channel Advisor can be extended, on principle, to other applications.

Web Legs integration services cover all back-office integration requirements, and some of our custom integration projects have included:

  • Stock, inventory and order integration with Channel Advisor, including existing back-office systems using API’s and FTP file based methods
  • Magento to EPOS integration
  • Master wholesaler’s data and stock feed integration
  • Website, marketplace and EPOS date sync integration



If you would like to discuss how Web Legs can provide real time and FTP (file) integration, optimising your functionality and performance behaviour using the various API’s and our advanced knowledge of the Channel Advisor API, please get in touch with us.

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