Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Unfortunately, creating a website and hoping that you’ll suddenly appear on the first page of Google is becoming more difficult as more and more pages are competing for those top spots. Knowing the right keywords that have the higher potential to return on investment is difficult to predict too. In fact it now takes quite a bit of planning and work in order to achieve those results. Being a business owner or marketing manager you’ll realise the importance of having your website ranking on the 1st page in the search engine for your relevant keywords. The process of convincing search engines that your website is worthy of appearing on their 1st page is called Search Engine Optimisation.

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Understanding Search Engine Optimisation

Fully understanding search engine optimisation and the processes and tactics that can influence your websites search positions is essential to creating a successful business.  Below we have outlined the basic concepts of SEO.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation “SEO” refers to the process of improving visibility of a website in the search engines, in the natural results listings. The natural or “organic” results are the sections of the search results pages that are unpaid and an algorithm developed by the search engines themselves determines your position for keywords or key phrases based on certain criteria that they try to keep secret.

How does search engine optimisation work?

The major search engines use a variety of metrics to determine where a website or web page will rank in its results.  RELAVANCE AND AUTHORITY It is an SEO’s job to influence a websites ranking by editing and adding content, making source code  changes and link building to make the site more search engine friendly to gain more search engine exposure and increased rankings.

How can search engine optimisation improve rankings

As a strategy, SEO weighs up how search engines work and what people search for.  The two main tactics are improving a site contents, structural shape and code  to make the page more relevant for your target keywords.  Promoting a site by getting links from other external links from the same theme is another tactic.  For the search engines ‘content is king’ and providing customers the right results is paramount.  Search engines are primarily focussed on furthering their algorithms to remove the exploits that SEO’s use to gain rank, in the end great unique content will win the battle but at the moment quality links from external sites (link building) can provide a massive boost to your websites rank.

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