Online visibility is a question of not only consistent and qualitative service, but also a dedicated marketing strategy that targets your preferred audience through careful and considered brand management.

In order to more properly facilitate SEO and attract a targeted customer base, implementing a PPC advertising and marketing strategy is a good way to increase visibility and generate a profitable sales margin on costs.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising is a marketing technique that, for a fee, allows websites to be listed in the sponsored search engine results section. Depending on the particular keywords and key phrases chosen, you can exponentially increase your online search results and optimise your potential click-to-sale conversions.

Which search engines offer PPC?

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the top three search engines to offer pay-per-click marketing services. Google dominates the UK market with a 90% share and most businesses actively choose Google for their campaign service provision. It is important not to discard Yahoo and Bing, however, as the bidding system upon which these services are offered may require a smaller outlay if you choose to use either of these networks. Additionally, although the volume of directed traffic may be substantially less with a Yahoo or Bing PPC marketing campaign, the potentially reduced fees may generate a more profitable return on investment (ROI).

How do you calculate ROI?

A single period ROI review is calculated by dividing the net return by the resources expended. If your chosen PPC network is providing high traffic with a low click-to-sale conversion then your ROI may well be much less than a cheaper PPC provider with low traffic directionality but a higher click-to-sale conversion.

Implementing single period ROI review protocols will allow you to properly monitor your PPC campaign and make informed decisions about either maintaining or deviating from a specific campaign path.

How do you improve ROI with PPC?

PPC is often viewed as an easy route to the top of Google, but a poorly run and badly conceived campaign can drain you of cash without generating any margin, let alone a profitable one. A well-constructed and actively managed PPC campaign, however, can be very lucrative and provide a useful sales stream for your website. In order to maximise PPC potential it is important to pay attention to the three major elements of any campaign: product listing ads, product feeds and PPC levels.

Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, are best described as a file that contains all relevant product information such as the item for sale, along with the size, price, category, image, URL or stock availability. Your product feed is informed by your PLAs and is the conduit not only by which information is updated, but also through which your PPC service provider will select the appropriate response to any search.

Product Feeds

A well-structured and easy to maintain product feed will ensure that any PPC campaign is effective and manageable, irrespective of your inventory size. Through highly targeted ads, specifically structured descriptions and the management of changeable stock and pricing information in one central feed, you can help to eliminate the non-converting traffic and reduce PPC costs whilst increasing your website’s ROI.

You can also maximise your budget and increase the profit derived from your PPC campaigns by ensuring that only products that are in stock are being advertised. Indeed, Web Legs can create the feeds and Search-Engine optimised titles and descriptions, as well as bespoke adverts for every product listed, so that a search will always bring the most relevant and up-to-date response.

PPC Budgetary Levels

Price-per-click levels should be made by considering ranking aspirations and daily service intentions. By considering revenue ratios in relation to Search Engine visibility you can select a daily PPC that fits your preferred budgetary levels and optimises ROI.

Web Legs has extensive experience at providing managed pay-per-click advertising and associated SEO optimisation for all e-Commerce businesses. With a solid grounding in the practicalities of all PPC engines we are perfectly placed to offer combination services that gradually decrease your PPC spend as the SAP website gains organic top rankings. Contact us for a realistic assessment of the benefits of pay-per-click marketing management for your business.