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Magento or Bespoke?

One of the big decisions in ecommerce, whether you are a seasoned online retailer or starting out is what is the best ecommerce platform to be using.  The options are endless, but it comes down to deciding on a bespoke platform or mature and established ecommerce software.  We believe the choice has got a lot easier in recent years with the advent of Magento.  It’s such a remarkable platform these days, compared to the rest, that it’s the preferred choice for any companies wanting a strong presence online at an affordable price.

Magento is open source

Magento is an open source platform, meaning the entire source code is open.  This approach enables a vast community of developer’s worldwide working on the platform to continually improve and further the functionality of the software.  Community development companies can work on modules that other development agencies can use to save reinventing the wheel and help retailers get advanced functionality that used to be only available to the large enterprise online websites.

This is why Web Legs develop the vast majority of our online shops on the Magento platform.

Which Magento version is for you?

Magento Community and Magento Enterprise are the two offerings from Magento and the major difference is cost.  Magento Community is free whilst Magento Enterprise costs approximately £9,000 per year.  Web Legs offer for SME’s a Magento Enterprise level website with the annual cost of the enterprise version.  Large retailers may feel more comfortable using Magento Enterprise and Web Legs can deliver solutions on this option too.

Magento Development

From the single-line concept to the fully-customised, creatively designed e-Commerce solution, Web Legs offers a full range of Magento development services. Using this remarkable software we can create strong, eye-catching, visually sophisticated, highly functional and practical solutions for everything from smart start-ups to global corporations.

Used by over 250,000 online merchants, Magento is considered to be the world’s fastest growing e-Commerce platform available. Flexible, efficient and highly advanced, Magento is ultimately an open-source product with a highly scalable and expandable modular structure making it an exceptionally functional and usable CMS for specialised customisation.

What makes Magento so special?

A fantastic fit for Web Legs’ collaborative ethos, as an open source platform Magento has an enormous community of developers working worldwide to constantly improve the functionality of the software. This modular development capability allows Web Legs experts to utilise any improved functionalities to further advance facilitation, ensuring that Magento not only maintains its place at the forefront of e-Commerce technology, but also fully complements your business needs. Feature-rich and highly flexible, Magento leverages an exceptionally high level of functionality without incurring an unnecessarily high level of redevelopment resource cost for the customer. As well as being able to create an umbrella of websites, receive payments through 12 tools and offer multi-language capabilities, you can also benefit from Magento’s impressive adminstrative features which allow total control over:

  • Products, categories, catalogues, users, shipping and discounts
  • Payment gateways, processing, checkout and transactions history
  • Marketing and SEO options
  • Statistics, sales reports, inventory status and real-time sales statuses
  • Multi-national store networks including geo-specific products, currencies and taxes
  • Group target strategies and single location monitoring
  • Expansion via numerous third-party mods

Magento actually offers two fascinating possibilities for creative solutions, targeting two very different needs: Magento Community Edition for small and medium enterprises and Magento Enterprise Edition for large businesses.

Magento Community Edition vs. Magento Enterprise Edition

Magento Community Edition software releases resources for the modifications, customisations and extensions inherent in matching your specific e-Commerce requirements. Development of the Magento Community Edition continues to rapidly evolve and provides a powerful solution for small and medium stores looking for a state-of-the-art e-Commerce platform.

The Magento Enterprise Edition is a subscription service. Although it shares the same components as the Magento Community Edition it has been further developed to cater to the needs of those exceptionally high market-share retailers who require corporate-level SLAs.

Web Legs Magento e-Commerce Solutions

Web Legs are well-versed in delivering e-Commerce solutions for both the Magento Community and Enterprise editions and we are happy to discuss the relative benefits with regard to your specific store but, as a matter of course, we offer an Enterprise level website for the same price as a Community Edition. No matter your ultimate requirements, you can expect:

  • Full service installation
  • System training
  • A choice of themes
  • General store settings
  • Variable theme customisation
  • Optional modules

As well as:

  • Hosting and support services

In order to offer additional piece of mind Web Legs also offers an aggregated scale of SLA packages to fully support your Magento e-Commerce functionality and ultimate efficiency.

Get in touch today to discuss how a Web Legs Magento service package and SLA can optimise your online presence and e-Commerce brand visibility.

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