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Inflation-Proof Marketing: How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business on a Tight Budget


  • JANUARY 4,2024

Sod Inflation! Here’s How to Market Your Biz Without Spending a Fortune

Inflation’s making everyone a bit twitchy, isn’t it? It’s not just the weekly shop that’s costing more – those ads are getting pricey too, and customers are holding onto those wallets for dear life. But hang on, that doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. It’s time to get savvy and make every single pound work harder for you.

Forget the Fancy Stuff, Focus on What You’ve Got

It’s tempting to get distracted by the latest TikTok trend or whatever new ad thingy those tech giants have cooked up. But guess what? You’ve already got some marketing weapons sitting right under your nose.

  • Your Blistering Email List: Stop blasting everyone with the same old stuff! Get those segments sorted. Target those deals based on what folks have already looked at, and set up some automated emails (welcome bits, reminders if they’ve left stuff in their basket) to make sales happen on autopilot.
  • Blogging for the Win: Ditch those boring SEO-stuffed posts. Solve your customers’ problems! How-to guides, product round-ups, stuff that makes their lives easier… That’s how you build proper trust – the kind that leads to them actually opening their wallets.
  • Happy Customers = Walking Ads: They’re way cheaper to market to than finding new folks. Get those loyalty programs buzzing, throw in the odd surprise discount, and make it worth them shouting about your biz. Turn those fans into your own little army of influencers.

Where to Splash the Cash (And Where to Save It)

Let’s be real, not all marketing is worth the same when money’s tight. Here’s where to focus:

  • Pay to Play Ads: With Google Ads and our old mate Meta (Facebook, Instagram), you can set things up so you only cough up if someone clicks or even buys something. Keep a close eye, change things up, and squeeze every drop of value out of those ads.
  • Don’t Give Up on Abandoned Carts! But don’t just hit ’em with the same ad. Try offering a bigger discount if they’ve waited a bit, or remind them of exactly what they were eyeing up. Upping that conversion rate is a no-brainer.
  • Get Chatty with Your Community: Bit of a slow burner this one, but it pays off big time. Find those online hangouts where your perfect customers lurk – forums, subreddits, that sort of thing. Be helpful, build trust, and slowly turn yourself into the person they all want to buy from.

Shout About the Money-Saving Magic

When times are tight, every penny counts. Shoppers are thinking twice about everything – so your job is to make it a no-brainer why they NEED your stuff.

  • Pricing Power: Ditch the across-the-board discounts. Instead, show how your stuff saves them money over time (“stop replacing those cheap tools, buy this one that lasts”).
  • Content is Your Secret Weapon: Think about how you help folks deal with inflation. “Inflation-busting recipes” or “budget-friendly home makeovers” show you get their problems.
  • Let Others Do the Talking: Testimonials, reviews, folks showing off your products on social media – that’s way more convincing than you bragging. Proof that others think it’s a worthy way to spend their cash reassures buyers.

The Final Word

Surviving inflation isn’t about slashing your marketing budget to nothing. It’s about being a whole lot smarter with where that money goes. Own those channels you control, target the right folks, and make sure it’s crystal clear how much value you bring to the table. Do that, and you’ll weather any financial storm!

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